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The Armorial Register

Why register a coat of arms? Whether your coat of arms has been granted by an heraldic authority, has been inherited or you have assumed it anew, registration can have the following benefits:
  • Registration ensures that the arms will be published in The Armorial Register’s Volumes which are printed and deposited in the British Library and other libraries internationally. All editions are available to purchase as an addition to your own family library.

  • Deposit libraries include: The Bodleian Library Oxford University; The Cambridge University Library; National Library of Scotland; National Library of Wales; Trinity College Dublin and The British Library.

  • Registration allows a person or organisation to record and display their coat of arms in a publicly accessible online database 'The International Register of Arms'.

  • A complete record of the International Register online database will be archived by British Library UK Web Archive approximately twice every year. This means that a complete record of the website and all changes to its content will be recorded. Thus building a permanent picture of the site’s development and expanding content for years to come.

  • Registration distinguishes inherited and original heraldic designs from bogus "surname coats of arms" and "family crests."

  • Registration in our publicly searchable database can prevent others from unintentionally assuming the same coat of arms.

  • Registration creates a documented date-certain for the use of the arms, which can settle disputes if someone later claim the same design. All registrants will receive a simple certificate in .pdf format and can also purchase an additional quality sealed certificate for framing.

  • Registration allows the arms to be stored in standardised, written form, called a "blazon," which stabilises the design and allows it to be more easily preserved and transmitted and to be found in an electronic search.

  • Registered entries can include the design rationale and history of the arms, preserving the information for the public and future generations.

  • Registration of a personal coat of arms in honour of a parent or grandparent creates an enduring memorial and a symbol of family identity to all the honouree’s offspring.

  • Registration of non-personal arms helps promote the organisation's visibility on the internet.

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New registration of Arms in The Armorial Register for Randall S. Walker, USA - #heraldry

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New Registration of Arms in the AR for Henri O.N. Wallenberg, Baron of Sauchie, Scotland -

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New Registration of Arms in The Armorial Register for Christopher A. Lloyd, England -

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New Registration of Arms in The Armorial Register for John Michael Berry, England -

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New Registration of arms for Frank R. Gregg, Lord of The Manor of Camblesforth, England -

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New Registration of Arms in The Armorial Register for Benjamin P. Pugsley, USA - #heraldry

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New Registration of Arms in the Armorial for Yannick Beuvelet, France #heraldry #coatofarms

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New Registration of Arms in the Armorial for Oskar Aanmoen, Norway - #heraldry #coatofarms

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New Registration in the armorial for Christophe Emberger, Netherlands #heraldry #coatofarms

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New Registration in Vol.3 of the AR for Christopher Cliff, Canada #heraldry #coatofarms

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New Registration in Vol.3 of the AR for Abdullah Nizar Alani, Bahrain #heraldry #coatofarms

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New Registration in Vol.3 of the AR for Raja Muda E. Ploysongsang - #heraldry #coatofarms

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New Registration in Vol3 of the Armorial for Matthew Mansfield, USA #heraldry #coatofarms

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This weeks featured arms from Vol 2. International Association of Amateur Heralds #heraldry

@ArmorialReg Jul 16, 11:08

This weeks featured arms from Vol 2. are of The International Heraldry Society - #heraldry

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New registration in Vol.3 of the AR for Mark Windsor, USA - #Heraldry #coatofarms

@ArmorialReg Jun 12, 12:27

This weeks featured arms from Vol. 2 are those of The Armorial Register, Scotland #heraldry

@ArmorialReg Jun 07, 15:17

This weeks featured arms from Vol1. of the AR, Roger Myers, Australia- #heraldry #coatofarms

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This weeks featured arms from Vol3. of the AR - Anna Borewicz, Poland, #heraldry #coatofarms

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@RafHM I see your point, I didn't realise it was city hall flag on both sides of the union flag on the first image Should have looked harder

@ArmorialReg May 23, 14:24

@RafHM Both pictures are the same Rafe. Why the England Flag aren't we in the UK?

@ArmorialReg May 20, 13:54

This weeks featured arms from Vol2. of the AR - Philip D. Blanton, USA #heraldry #coatofarms

@ArmorialReg May 14, 00:19

This weeks featured arms in the AR Vol2. - David Michael Cvet, Canada #heraldry #coatpfarms

@ArmorialReg May 11, 14:52

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@DunsPitcus Well we are a Scottish company so slightly bias :)

To Purchase any of the items listed and more please visit our shop -
Item Name Price
Standard Registration Volume 3 £100
Registration with Badge or Flag Volume 3 £110
Register of Feudal Lords & Barons £120
Enhaced Registration Certificate £45
Volume 1 of the published Register £65
Volume 2 of the published Register £65
A Celebration of Scottish Heraldry £65
CheshireVisitations Heraldry The 153 £52
The Lyndsay of The Mount Armorial 1542. £49
The Comic History of Heraldry. £9.50
A Collection of Armorials of the County of Orkney £12.95
The Arms of The Baronial and Police Burghs of Scotland. £29.99
The Arms of The Royal and Parliamentary Burghs of Scotland. £29.99
Lord Lyon Proclamation at Edinburgh 1888. Print A4. £13.50


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